In probably the biggest upset since "Borat throw Santa Down the Well", scroll down to see what I mean, an unknown Democrat beat a 7-term Congressman, fat-Pombo.

Two years ago, Pombo beat McNerney easily, even after skipping their only debate that a local newspaper setup.

The only thing I remember about McNerney is that his son is serving in Iraq and his daughter went to my alma mater. The only thing I know about Pombo is that he's a close pal of Jack Abramoff, he wears a cowboy hat, he wants to eliminate the Engdangered Species Act, and he took his family on an RV trip around the country to visit National Parks, charged the bill to the tax payers and then he said his "research" tells that the National Parks do not need to be protected. The Democratic Party didn't even support McNerney, but the Sierra Club did.


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