Weight Lifting

I started lifting weights again two weeks ago. Of course, since I haven't lifted weights in months, the first time I lifted weights again, it took more than a week before I had full use of my arms. So, its really more like I've lifted weights twice the past two weeks. I haven't worked out my chest, backs, and legs yet either, just biceps and triceps. The last time I took a long break from working out and worked out my legs, I couldn't walk for a week. Anyways, tomorrow I'll be in the gym working out my legs, hopefully I can drive back home afterwards.

Anyways, I've been reading more about weight lifting. I still have creatine left from a year ago, I think I'll skip using that and do it the natural way. If I don't see results, then I'll go back to that, and maybe NO2 as well.

Here's a funny bodybuilding quote I saw today:
"Tomorrow you won't even care about how today's food tasted."


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