Serenity / Firefly

I borrowed the movie Serenity from the library about a week ago. I really liked it and was glad the library also has the Firefly series it was based on. The series aired on USA and lasted one season. Actually it didn't even last one season since there were un-aired episodes on the DVD set. I finally finished watching them today.

The show was created by Joss Whedon of the Buffy and Angel fame. The series was really good, and I'm surprised I don't even remember seeing a trailer for any episodes. I assume USA didn't market it enough and gave up too easily on it.

The series follow a group of people lead by a character based on Han Solo, a western cowboy with a space ship he leases out for cargo transport. And just like Buffy and Angel, Joss Whedon created a cast with different personalities. The show's really funny and the cast worked well together. I guess Joss Whedon has a talent for looking at people who can blend well together. He did the same thing with Buffy and Angel.

Unfortunately, the movie barely grossed enough worldwide to cover cost, the DVD sales should put it in the black. Chances of another Serenity/Firefly movie is slim.


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