Harsh Times

I went to get an oil change today. So with two hours to waste, and a movie coupon from a friend, I decided to go see a movie. I wanted to see The Departed or The Prestige, but it's an hour wait for either one, so I decided to see Harsh Times instead. What caught me by surprised was in the beginning of the movie, they kept playing Freestyle music. You rarely hear those on the radio, much less movies. But I guess the movie's Hispanic theme kinda fits in.

The movie is directed by the person who wrote Training Day. So as expected there are characters from that movie that's in Harsh Times. The ones the stood out are Noel Guglielmi and Samantha Esteban. In Training Day, Samantha Esteban played Letty, Guglielmi's cousin. She's the one who was almost raped and Ethan Hawke came to the rescue. Later on, his heroics came up useful when Guglielmi was holding him upside down on his bathtub and ready to blow his head off with a shotgun, until Guglielmi found out he earlier saved his cousin, so he let him go. In Harsh Times Guglielmi plays Samantha Esteban's boyfriend. Samantha Esteban's character's name is also "Letty" in Harsh Times.

Samantha Esteban is kinda cute and almost always typecast as Mexican, but she's actually mixed, and has Filipina blood in her.


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