12:09 AM!

On Saturday nite, I went to SF for a friend's birthday party. We went to Medjool Restaurant and Café in 21st and Mission. The place was really nice, they have tables on the first floor and a lounge type setup on the second floor. The rooftop had a bar and the view of SF's nightlights. Saturday nite was pretty clear, so we got to see stars, and I recall looking for Mars.

Honestly, my recollection of the nite was vague since I had a lot to drink. Okay, not really a lot, just one Long Island iced tea and three Tokyo Teas. Normally I just drink one, so having four is a lot for me. Also, we didn't really had dinner, just appetizer. Although i can vaguely recall stopping at one of the taquerias in Mission on our way back to BART station. I also recall going to the restroom a lot. But that's probably a good thing since I didn't have to pee on the street...

I also recall missing the last BART to the East Bay. 12:09 AM comes to mind. And I think that was the last train to the East Bay. We got to the station around 12:40 (I think). We had to call a friend to come back and pick us up. We ended up crashing at a friend's place in Fremont. He then dropped us off to BART on Sunday morning.

Anyways, it was a fun nite at the city, and I'm just glad we got home safe...


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