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I haven't been writing much as of late. I've been staying at mom's place the past few months while I work on their house. Mainly painting the walls and replacing the carpet with laminated wood floors. I'm almost done, about another two or three days worth of work left. Hopefully I finish it this coming week.

I wasn't too surprised that Bush withdrew Mier's nomination. The conservatives really hate her. I guess they don't really know who she is, and they're not buying Bush's "Trust Me" pledge. After all, his father is famous for the "Read My Lips..." line. Also with Bush's approval rating the lowest since President Carter oil embargo era, he has to please the conservative base. I'm sure he can find a conservative woman justice who would favor ending abortion to make the right-wing happy.

It always makes me laugh when I hear conservatives talk about Supreme Court justices. Specifically, when they talk about how they don't like justices that "legislate" from the bench. And how they like "constructioninst". Which basically means they want justices the interprets the Constitution the way the framers intended it. That sounds good and all, but if the Constitution is interpreted the way it was in the 1700's I'd count as four-fifths of a person. So I'm sorry if I don't agree with them. I wonder if Bush can find a woman Supreme Court justice that would agree with the Constitution's framers that woman should not have the right to vote? Hmm...

Speaking of low ratings, California's Arnold has numbers never before seen since Gray Davis' energy crisis. Of course Davis had Enron and others to blame for gouging the state. Arnold on the other hand made the mistake of attacking teachers, nurses firefighters and police unions. Sometimes I wonder why Filipino-Americans are the only Asians who are predominantly Democrats. And then I saw Fi-Am nurses on TV picketing against Arnold and I remember why.

Speaking of old actors past their prime, I read today that Stallone is bringing back Rambo. A month ago he decided to bring back Rocky. I'm guessing he's broke and needs money. I don't think I ever saw the last Rambo, but from what I remember it was Rambo helping Osama bin Ladin fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. How times have changed. Now the Russians are our friends, and Osama has a $1B bounty on his head. I guess Stallone don't want people to remember Rambo as the American hero who helped Osama. That would be high treason.

Speaking of high treason, Dick Cheney's chief of staff, Scooter Libby resigned today after being indicted for releasing the name of a CIA agent who was married to a person who didn't agree that Saddam was buying Uranium in Africa. That after all was the main reason Bush invaded Iraq. It's also the same lie that ended Colin Powell's hope of being a President someday. Or at least a person with any credibility. I feel sorry for the guy. I'm sure somewhere in the White House Karl Rove is typing his resignation. I just hope the special prosecutor wait until a year from now, right about when Americans are voting for Congress.

Speaking of prosecutors, last week I got another subpoena from the DA's office regarding the accident I witnessed a couple of months ago. When I called the court last time, the case got a continuance. This time I have to go there on Tuesday. This sucks coz I'm supposed to babysit that day. Hopefully this time the case goes forward so I get done with it.

Speaking of accidents, a video of Janet Jackson sunbathing is circulating in the internet. Honestly, I don't understand why she would need to work on her tan. But hopefully she doesn't need to take off her fake nose. Also hopefully she doesn't have those implant scars like Tara Reid. I don't admit or deny seeing the video, but I won't be surprised if she's into Brazilian waxing and spanking her own ass to the beat of a music.

Speaking of...


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