I've always considered myself a news junkie, so when Katrina hit the Gulf Coast a couple of weeks ago, and my friend and I were away from civilization, checking out national parks in the Northwest, I felt like I missed a big event. But there are things that will not change. Republicans and Democrats spun the news the way that helps their party.

Bush Inc. was predictable when they claim that the disaster is a state and local government issue, and that the BIG FEDERAL GOVERNMENT should not meddle. Funny how when a car thief steals a car and crosses state boundaries, the feds steps in and considers it a federal crime. But when people are dying by the thousands on live TV because of an F5 hurricane that crosses national and state borders, Bush Inc. invokes the "Big Government" argument.

But the funniest thing I think came from Barbara "Momma" Bush when she said that these poor people living in Astrodome and Silverdome are better off now that before the hurricane. She said that before the hurricane, these poor, mostly black, didn't have a roof over their head, and now they do. That got me thinking, I think these people, displaced by the hurricane, are probably wishing they are refugees in Iraq right now, since Bush treat poor Iraqis better than he treat black people that never voted for him.

Another funny comment out of these came from the head of FEMA. While all news stations were airing starving people staying in the Astrodome and Silverdome, the feds didn't bother sending food for a couple of days. And when confronted on live TV, why that was the case, he said that it wasn't until after two days that they were "factually informed" that there were people in the domes. I guess the whole time, they thought CNN and others were using liberal Hollywood green screen tricks to make people appear to be in those domes starving and needing medical attention.

Of course wherever there are disasters, there are people looting for food and anything they want. I remember during the LA riots caused by Rodney King beating verdict, a friend told me he saw a bunch of Filipino teenagers on TV loading a Street Fighter 2 arcade game from 7-Eleven to a pick-up truck. Of course it's only looting if your skin is darker than a paper bag. Otherwise, it's called "finding".

Can you match the picture with its corresponding news clip?


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