Much ado about nothin'

So after months of campaigning, all eight Propositions to amendment the California Constitution went into defeat. Now will somebody ask the Gropernator for our money back. The taxpayers spent $50M to run the election. All in all, $300M was spent by all sides. If I could go back to college, I'd probably want to be a political consultant in California. My job can't be offshored to India, and $300M is spent on a non-election year. Last year, Kerry spent $240M and Bush Jr spent $306M running in 50 states. Somehow the Gropernator was able to make special interest groups spend $300M in just one state. I guess its his way of helping the economy, or at least TV companies that shows political ads. Just as the President started a war because it's good for the economy, or at least good for his friends in Halliburton and other contractors.


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