The Sopranos

Since I don't have HBO, I haven't seen any episodes of The Sopranos's last season. But last night at my parents' place I was able to catch a short segment, and it was a funny one. The backdrop is Tony Soprano in the hospital recovering from a gunshot. Fundie is an Evangelical trying to save Tony. Christopher is Tony's nephew, and Hesh and Beth are Jewish friends of Tony:

(Tony was looking at a dinosaur book)

Fundie: Dinosaurs? My kids can't get enough.

Tony: Yeah. Yeah, me too. Ever since I saw King Kong kicked their ass in the original. My son loves dinosaurs too.

Fundie: Interesting.

Tony: What?

Fundie: Some people would have you believe dinosaurs existed millions of years ago. It's just not true. God created the Earth six thousands years ago. When I tell my kids, you have to remember. Dinosaurs and human beings lived on the Earth at the same time.

Tony: What, like the Flintstones?

Fundie: It's in the Bible.

Tony: What, what about that carbon dating stuff? A lot of scientists would disagree with you.

Fundie: I think you'll find those people all have an agenda, Tony. Evolution, which is Satan's plan to deny God. Evolution... and salvation are mutually exclusive.

Tony: The guy next door is a scientist. I think he would disagree with you big time.

Fundie: Then, that man's not saved. Read about Mr. Colson. We'll talk later.
(Fundie walks out the room)

What's he saying? There were dinosaurs back with Adam and Eve?

Tony: I guess.

Christopher: No way. T-Rex in the Garden of Eden? Adam and Eve would be running all the time scared shitless. But, the Bible says it was paradise.

Beth: You can disagree with Evangelicals, but they're great friends of the Jews. Because, Israel is the holy land.

Hesh: You wait. (sarcasm)


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