Its been awhile since I've read a non-techie book. I can't make it a habit to pick up the 7-Habits (and 8th) books by Covey, and I keep forgetting to read that book that helps improve one's memory. So when I was in the library today, I actually avoided looking into the DVD section and instead browsed the new book section. I ended up leaving with three books. Definately more than I can read in three weeks.

The first book caught my eye because on the lower right-hand corner of it was the word "Costco". I'm an admitted Costcoholic, and I'm not ashame of it. Anyways, the book is called "Built for Growth" and I think its about expanding business. Being a lefty, with reservations about globalization, a book like this would normally not interest me. But on the other hand, I have worked for franchise companies, and have always wanted to own a franchise. Besides, I do believe that it is possible for America to return to "Responsible Capitalism". Even in this era of Nike sweatshops, Wal-Mart, Enron, Haliburton and Bush Inc. I guess that's why I'm a Costco-guy and not a Wal-Mart guy.

Speaking of which, I saw a full-page PR ad in Vallejo newspaper about Wal-Mart. On it, Wal-Mart claims to be they are the largest employer of African-Americans. They forgot to add the part about they pay less than living wage and provide no health coverage, so their employees suck-out medical coverage from taxpayers.

Wal-Mart is currently building a Super Wal-Mart in Vallejo, just two miles from a regular Wal-Mart, the old K-Mart site. The shocker is that they are planning on keeping both stores until American Canyon's city council, approves the Super Wal-Mart there. American Canyon is the city adjacent to Vallejo. They would then close down the regular Wal-Mart in Vallejo. So in the end they will have two Super Wal-Marts within three miles apart on Highway 29!

This technique had worked around the country in shutting down mom and pop stores as well as grocery stores. What Wal-Mart does is it keeps two Super Wal-Marts near each other, while running one on the red, until mom and pop stores, grocery stores and other competition in the area shuts down. They then shut down one of the Super Wal-Mart, leaving one Super Wal-Mart with no competition. Also the employees who used to work for Safeway and Albertson's for higher wages and with health coverage, must settle for working for much less in Wal-Mart and to rely on taxpayers for their health coverage. Wal-Mart talks about how many stores they open yearly, you should checkout how many they shutdown yearly using this tactic, and you'd be surprised.

With that in mind, the second book I picked up is titled "The Great American Jobs Scam". I'm sure it'll have plenty to say about Wal-Mart and others like it.

The third is "Radicals in Robes" about right-wing judges. A perfect book since we just added one radical to the highest court, and another one is on the way.


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