Peace on Earth

I love the Holiday season. It's the season of giving, and it's the only time you can wish others Peace without being called un-American. I know we are at war today, so spreading peace is un-American, but honestly, I don't know how far we have to go back to find a time when America is NOT at war against something or someone. War on drugs started in the 80's and will never end. The war on Communism started before WW2 and hasn't end. Which is kinda odd since we have normalized relationship with Vietnam and the Korean War is now the Forgotten War.

Before Saddam was kicked-out, we embargoed Iraqi oil since buying Iraqi oil means financing Saddam's military. The same thing applies with Castro. We let Cubans starve rather than give them food and medicine because we want they to rise up and kick him out. We started that when JFK was president. Let me see...(JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr) that's nine presidents in a span of more than 40 years that Castro has outlived in office. No one would say it, but the only reason we do that is because of the Cuban-American votes in the swing state of Florida. I don't really know any Cubans, but I've always wondered why they are still bitter toward Castro. I mean, most Vietnamese-Americans like the fact that the US have normalized relationship with Vietnam. This allows them to see their relatives in Vietnam. It also allows Vietnamese in Vietnam to experience American culture. In fact, even former US soldiers, including Sen John McCain, have gone to Vietnam to talk to their former Vietcong counterparts. If I could talk to people in in Little Havana, I'd tell them to talk to people in Little Saigon. It just might open their minds.

Anyways, if buying Iraqi oil during Saddam era finances his military, and buying Cuban cigars finances Castro's military, then can't we make the argument that buying Dell computers, which are made in China, finances its Red Army? I'd like to see a chart that shows what percentage of Dell's, other American companies' revenue, goes to the Red Army. In fact, although we don't say it, we are comfortable with China, and other 3rd World countries, oppressing its people since it provides American companies with cheap labor. Of course we don't want to hear that, so we call it Globalization.

Anyways, going back to the subject of peace, back in the days, the Department of Defense was actually called Department of War. Maybe we should go back to the original name since America never really plays defense, we're more of an offensive country, and we're always at war. There are actually people who are pushing for a Department of Peace. And yes, its those liberals again.

Anyways, this rambling is getting too long.



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