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A couple of weeks ago I started watching this new ABC show called In Justice. An IMBD reviewer call it "A Crime Drama For Us Bleeding Hearts!". While most shows, especially the twelve Law and Order spin-offs, show eloborate ways a criminal commits a crime, this show's premise is getting criminals out of jail. Yeah you read that right, a whole show about people who got wrong convictions. Imagine my surprise when I found out the show supposedly takes place in San Francisco. Of course from the look of the show, it's probably filmed in ABC lot in Hollywood, or outsourced in Vancouver. I haven't really seen any landmarks that suggest it's actually filmed in SF. The cast is a typical Hollywood version of SF. Mostly white and black and some hispanics, but no Asian. Anyone who's been to SF will tell you the first thing they notice is how many Asians (mainly Chinese and Filipino) actually live in the city. Oh and those gays, hippies and homeless people. So far the show hasn't touched on that. I think last week's episode was about a Hispanic who was wrongly jailed. This week's episode is about a black guy. See a pattern here?

Anyways, it's nice, nonetheless, to see a show about the Bay Area. Of course this show is ON on Friday nights. The night when everyone is outside watching a movie, clubbing, or pretty much doing anything other than watch TV. Come to think of it, the fact that I get to watch this show, shows how stale my life is. But I have a valid excuse. I don't stay home on a Friday night to watch a bleeding hearth show like this, no self-respecting guy would do that. I stay home to watch either that geeky show for younger audience, Numb3rs on CBS, or that geeky show for old audience, Monk on USA.

Speaking of Bay Area on TV, I don't know if that old show Charmed is still on. That show supposedly took place in SF also. And true to its SF roots, that show is about witches. Where else but in the Mega-Church hatin', gay friendly Bay Area will three witches can live as crime stoppers. Had that show took place in Arkansas, those three sister witches would have been burned at the stake during a Wal-Mart celebration.

One old Bay Area show that they show reruns to is Nash Bridges. It starred Cheech and that white guy from Miami Vice that no one remembers. Oh wait, it's the black guy that one remembers. Nash is played by Don Johnson. The guy that gave me a bad habit of pulling up my long sleeves no matter what I'm wearing. If I'm wearing the right clothing, I'd look like a fat Karate Kid, and if I'm wearing a suit, I look like a fat Tony Montana with his sleeves pulled up... "Say Hallo to my little friend!"

Anyways, while watching In Justice, I saw a preview of another show that will be set in San Francisco. The show is called "The Evidence". Supposedly, the show will show the TV viewers the evidence of that week's crime in the beginning, before the detectives even do. This way, the audience can solve the crime, and tune in to other networks, even before the first commercial break. Imagine if you can watch a ball game this way. At the beginning of the game, they show you which fans are celebrating at the end, your job is then to guess who won. And they expect you to stay tune to see if you guessed right. My GUESS is this new show will take In Justice' Friday night spot come Sweeps time. Oh yeah this show has Orlando Bloom in it... wait, scratch that.. it's Orlando Jones. Sorry LotR fans (and gay guys from SF).


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