Pacquiao TKO Morales in 10th Round

In a rematch of last year's fight, Filipino boxer Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao TKOed Mexican Erik Morales in Las Vegas in front of mostly Filipino and Mexican crowd. The fight was sponsored by Wynn Casino, but the event was held in UNLV campus for a bigger venue.

I went to the same bar in Milpitas to see the fight. It was an exciting bout, as Morales won four of the first five rounds before Pacquiao won the 6th to 9th and the TKO on the 10th. The Pacman knocked down Morales twice in the 10th round, and the referee stopped the fight. Morales wasn't fighting much after the 6th, as Pacquiao connected with combos one after another.

The bar was packed with mostly Mexican crowd, which made the event that much more better. Me and another Filipino guy that I met on the last fight were the only Filipinos and there were about twenty Mexicans.

I was actually still buzzed after the fight and had to stay for another hour since I could drive. The guy who owns the bar gave a small bottle of Close Call just in case I get pulled over and need to pass a Breathalyzer test. I didn't need it since I stayed as long as I needed to to clear my head. Besides, my guy won, so I didn't mind staying.


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