Obsession Muted (...Sort of)

After spending countless hours researching digital SLR cameras, reading tons of reviews and looking at sample images, I've decided NOT to get a digital SLR for now. I just don't have the money for it. Actually, with rebates, I would be spending $300 less, but it's not the cost of the camera, but the total cost (TCO!) of having it.

I know if I have a nice camera, I would have to take it on the road, visiting National Parks and places where having a great camera would be useful. But I just don't have the extra money to go back to Yosemite, Crater Lake or take make my first trip to the Grand Canyon. Maybe in a few months. I also know that there's a camera show on February, and the top camera companies are expected to show case their next generation of cameras. Maybe by Spring season, they'll reduce current models even more.

The next item on my obsession list is getting an electronic keyboard and learn how to play it. I decided to go with a Yamaha that cost $200 at amazon.com. Costco has the same item on their website, but amazon offered free 2-Day shipping and no tax. I expect to get it on Thursday and it should keep me busy for a while.

Costco has a cheaper one in-store, but it doesn't have USB support. It comes with a traditional MIDI port. I looked around, and an MIDI cable cost up to $20. So I went with the one with USB support. The USB support will allow me to run tutorial software since I've never taken any piano lessons.

Anyways, the next item on my obsession list is learning a foreign language. My friend lend me his Japanese CDs. But I think I'm leaning more on learning either Cantonese or French.


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