Summer of Sequels

Summer movie season is back, and that means sequels. Why make new movies, when you can patch-up the old one and make money out of it.

Here's how I see this summer's sequels:

Two I'll pay full price for:
1) Bourne 3
2) Transformers 2
Michael Bay should die if he fucks this up. I guess this is more of a re-make than a sequel. But it's my list and I'm calling it a sequel.

Ones that I'll watch matinee (or two-fers)
1) Pirates 3
Johnny Depp was great on the first one. The second movie was alright but didn't live up to the first one. I just hope this doesn't suck as bad as Matrix 3 did.

2) Spiderman 3
This is actually pretty interesting, but it had become just another action movie.

3) Shrek 3
I loved the first two Shreks. I can't see how this one can top those two.

4) Rush Hour 3
I'm getting sick of these buddy movies.

5) Harry Potter 5

One I'll wait for on USA network, or F/X
1) Die Hard 4

Two that you'd have to kill me to watch
1) Ocean's Eleven 3
The first Ocean was good. The second one sucked bad. I'm staying away from this one.

2) Fantastic Four 2
The first one was a real downer. This one can't be any better.


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