The da Vinci Code Movie

I went to see King Kong on Christmas Day. Its a family tradition that we watch a movie on Christmas Day. It brings our family together. Physically at least, since when we get there we ignore each other to watch a move. So... yeah, King Kong brought our family together, so we can ignore each other, for three hours.

The movie's really good. It has better dinosaur sequence that Jurrasic Park, and it's really entertaining.

But I must admit that the highlight of the day was finally seeing the full length trailer to The da Vinci Code. I actually got goose bumps just watching the trailer. The movie comes out on May, but I'm sure the media will cover the controversy surrounding the movie way before that. The book sold more than 25 million copies in 40+ languages, thanks in part to the media creating a controversy around it. A similar book by the same author, called Angels & Demons, was released two years before da Vinci Code and it didn't sell as much because the media didn't start a controversy about its topic.

I guarantee the Vatican will tell Catholics to boycott the movie, and you will see mega churches in the Red States rally against this movie as if "Hillary 2008" is upon us. Evangelicals are already telling director Ron Howard to place a disclamer in the beginning of the movie saying the movie is "Pure Fiction" or they will unleash the same fire that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (and McCain 2000 and Kerry 2004, for that matter). I think Ron Howard SHOULD put a disclaimer in the beginning of the movie, and it should say: "This is a movie. Get a life, assholes."


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