Conservative Ice Creams

I must admit one thing Conservatives are really good at is entrepreneurship. Just look at Rush Limbaugh. For only $50, he lets you and I can buy a US soldier in Iraq a subscription to his website! Of course, he could just give US soldiers access to his website for free, but that charity handout bullshit are for Liberals and he'll have none of that.

But I found these so-called Conservative Ice Creams really funny. It's for Conservatives who would have none of those left wing Ben and Jerry ice creams. Here are some of the flavors they have

Gun Nut
I Hate The French Vanilla
Iraqi Road
Nutty Environmentalist (Too bad they didn't made this with Green Tea with Nuts)
Smaller GovernMINT
Ara-Fat Free
Candy McCain
Cherry Falwell (blatantly ripped from Cherry Garcia)


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