Random Christmas Eve Moments

So on Satuday, Christmas Eve, I wasn't feeling too well, so I stayed home instead of going to my parent's place. That's probably a good thing, since they'd probably just make me feel guilty for not going with them to church at 11PM at night.

Anyways, so it was 8:30 PM Christmas eve and my friend (he's a non-practicing Zoroastrian) and I were wondering what places to eat would be open around that time. We figured Chinese should be open, but since it was still early we thought we could always count on In-n-Out burger. They do have biblical messages on their soda cup and elsewhere, but we tried them anyways.

They were open and right before we went inside I say a huge pile of puke right outside their door. We figured somebody must have started Christmas celebration early.

Anyways, here's how my conversation with the gal taking my order went:

Me: Hi, I'll have a grilled cheese sandw...
Me: Oh by the way somebody puked outside, it's really disgusting, but I figured
I let you know since someone might step on it and slip.
Her: Outside???
Me: (smiling, and controlling myself from laughing) Yeah. Just outside the door.
(At this point my friend behind me was also laughing)
(She then turned to the guy next to her and told him)
Guy: Where is it?
Me: Just outside the door, you can't miss it.
(I then turned to the gal taking my order)
Me: So I'll have a grilled cheese sandwich, with grilled onions, extra lettuce tomatoes and pickels
Me: Oh, can you make sure the guy that cleans up the puke outside doesn't make my sandwich. Thanks.

While dining there, we were surprised to see white people in In-n-Out that late on Christmas Eve. We figured they'd be with their family celebrating the birth of their savior. I mean, I'm a non-practicing Catholic, my friend's an infidel just like the Indian people sitting close to us. So we have our excuse. What's there's?

Anyways, my friend then called his old co-worker, an Indian guy and he later joined us in In-n-Out. We then talked about everything from geek stuff, religion and politics.

One thing we talked about is that Punjabis in and from India are usually vegetarian after a certain phase of their life. These Indians are the once with the head gear that make them the favorites of airport security. Anyways they're actually a race of warriors in the old days... and they're vegetarians. I, or course, brought up the fact that Americans believe that you can't be "strong" and powerfull unless you eat red meat. This reminds me of a line from "That's 70's Show", when the mom was feeding the dad vegetarian dish because of his high cholesterol. He told his wife: "This is not food... this is what food eats!"

Another thing we talked about is how is it that less modern countries like India and even Pakistan have had female head of state, and the US has not. Pakistan! The same country where a man recently killed his daughters because one of them married for love, and he's afraid his other daughters would follow her lead. This same country has elected a woman as Prime Minister before the US has elected a woman for President. In addition, two of The Philippines' last four Presidents are women.

Recently Bush has tried to appoint a woman friend of his to the Supreme Court. Of course, she's unqualified and the only reason she was nominated was because she's Bush's friend. He then withdrew her nomination after the right wingers complained. That's a major blow to women's progress in this country. It sucks when there are lots of qualified women who can replace Sandra Day O'Connor that he can choose from, he went with an unqualified crony of his. My guess is he did that to give Affirmative Action a bad name.

Another Bush crony was former FEMA head Mike Brown. We all know how he did when Katrina hit!


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