Pet Peeve and OCD

Just like any normal person, I have my pet peeves and OCD. A lot of it I've grown out off. I remember when I was a kid whenever I walk on the side walk with rectangle patterns, I avoid stepping on the lines. I also make sure I step on the boxes an equal number of times, depending on their size. Sometimes, I see other kids do it today and I just smile and tell myself, "See, I told you weren't a psycho." to which myself responds "Yes, you're right. I am not a psycho."

Anyways, one of my pet peeve is google maps response to the middle wheel button of the mouse. In Photoshop, you drag the button towards you to zoom-in. This is like dragging the picture towards you. In google maps, doing the same thing results in the map zooming away from you! How evil is that! What happened to the "Do no evil" mantra that the folks at google live by.

My friends has told me that they see it as the user flying and so moving the wheel away is like flying towards the map, making it zoom-in. I don't buy that. I figured, the photoshop behavior is the de facto standard, why go against it?

Well, I've always knew there's a reason why I feel the need to scroll the wheel towards me to zoom-in, and today I found more ammo. Google's own product, Google Earth (version 3.0.0762), behaves the way I want it to! Which is opposite of google maps.

Well, I did some searching, and I found out that Google has decided to change Google Earth's behavior on version 4 to match that of Google Maps. That just sucks. But I guess if you're a 900 lb gorilla, you can change de facto standards, even one made by Adobe's Photoshop.

But hey, instead of throwing stones from the outside, I think I'll try and find a job at google and maybe change this behavior someday. Or at least give google maps the option of changing its behavior by un-checking a "Behave Evil" option.


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