Mission Peak

I went to SD West software conference a couple of weeks ago in Santa Clara, and on my way there I noticed this sea of bright yellow flowers along I-680 on Fremont, in front of Mission Peak. I figured it's a perfect place to test my new camera. I went back there the following weekend armed with my camera and allergy pills. Here are the shots from that outing.

Here are a couple of shots of Mission Peak from the field.

While shooting, I noticed these buzzing sounds and drove down the street to check out what it was. The sound was coming from Bayside R/C Club airfields. There, kids and adult alike where driving RC cars, planes and helicopters. They actually have their own airfield!

This picture is a panoramic view of Mission Peak from Warm Springs Rd.

I then drove up towards Mission Peak and found this nice view of Fremont and the Bay Area. The two hangers from far away are from Moffett Field in Mountain View, about 10 miles away.

Vallejo Panorama

I took this a couple of weeks ago but when I tried posting it, blogger would resize it. Today, I finally found a free site that would host it's full size.

Click on the image to see the fullsize.

The shot was taken from a rest area in Vallejo. The center of image faces south. The mountain right above the trees on the foreground, 1/4 from the left is Mt Diablo in Danville. Sutro Tower in San Francisco is a little bit to the right of center, and so are the two towers of Golden Gate Bridge. The big mountain on the right is Mt Tam (Mt Tamalpais) in Marin County. Also visible on the right is Six Flags Marine World.


I thought it was going to rain early today, but when I looked outside and it was still sunny, I grabbed my new camera and drobe around Pleasanton to take some pictures. I forgot to take my allergy pills so I paid for it afterwards, but some of the pics I took turned out nice.

Around the Park

Trees and Roots