Famous Prayer

"O Lord, give me health and strength. I'll steal the rest."


Pride and Geeks

I went to SF on Sunday for NetBeans Day. Its a free event and part of JavaOne 2005. I haven't really used Java much lately, and I've never used NetBeans, so I figured I check it out. NetBeans is a free, open source IDE from Sun. They were giving away free NetBeans books, free USB drives, and a free lunch and drinks, so how can I resist. Plus, they had free T-shirts, and even free beer and wine afterwards. I'm sorry to say, but no geek can resist free stuff. The only thing I didn't get is a free pass to the JavaOne conference. I don't have the money for it, and I didn't win one of the five free pass they raffled.

By some coincidence, the Pride Parade was also Sunday. I checked it out, but I only saw the beginning part (the dykes on bikes) since I had to rush to the NetBeans thingi to get my free stuff.

Anyways, below are pics from Sunday.

Tinky Winky

Naked man on a bike


Dykes on Bikes


James Gosling, the father of Java


Rise from your Grave!

"Rise from your Grave!"

This famous command from Altered Beast (dang, I'm getting old) doesn't really describe my return to bloggerland. But I'll use it anyways. I decided to shut down my blog for a while, but I decided to re-open it. I don't really have much time to update it, but I figured I re-start it anyways.

so... "Hello (again), World."