Welcome to the Neighborhood

"Why should people of color and others ... be humiliated and degraded to teach white people not to be bigots?"

The quote above is from a CNN article about ABC's cancelled reality show "Welcome to the Neighborhood". I never really heard of the show, but find the concept really funny. Basically the concept is families of different race, and lifestyles trying to audition to move into a conservative white neighborhood. The white families gets to interview the families auditioning and they choose which family to vote out each week.

Here's the article.


Weight Lifting

I started lifting weights again two weeks ago. Of course, since I haven't lifted weights in months, the first time I lifted weights again, it took more than a week before I had full use of my arms. So, its really more like I've lifted weights twice the past two weeks. I haven't worked out my chest, backs, and legs yet either, just biceps and triceps. The last time I took a long break from working out and worked out my legs, I couldn't walk for a week. Anyways, tomorrow I'll be in the gym working out my legs, hopefully I can drive back home afterwards.

Anyways, I've been reading more about weight lifting. I still have creatine left from a year ago, I think I'll skip using that and do it the natural way. If I don't see results, then I'll go back to that, and maybe NO2 as well.

Here's a funny bodybuilding quote I saw today:
"Tomorrow you won't even care about how today's food tasted."

Rachel Ray Pics

If you're in my blog looking for Rachel Ray pics, you're not the only one. If fact, more than 200 different users visit my blog everyday looking for Rachel Ray pics. I've removed them from my blog, so... sorry.