Road Trip!

My friend and I are planning a road trip this week. We'll probably take off tonight and be back on Saturday. Our destinations are National Parks between here and Seattle. So that should include Olympic, Mt Rainer, Mt St Helens in Washington, and Redwood, Lava Beds and Lessen in Northern California. We may stop by at Crater Lake in Oregon, but since we went there last year, we could skip it this year. We also plan to see as much of the Northwest Coasts as possible. Anyways, I'll post pics when we get back.

12:09 AM!

On Saturday nite, I went to SF for a friend's birthday party. We went to Medjool Restaurant and Café in 21st and Mission. The place was really nice, they have tables on the first floor and a lounge type setup on the second floor. The rooftop had a bar and the view of SF's nightlights. Saturday nite was pretty clear, so we got to see stars, and I recall looking for Mars.

Honestly, my recollection of the nite was vague since I had a lot to drink. Okay, not really a lot, just one Long Island iced tea and three Tokyo Teas. Normally I just drink one, so having four is a lot for me. Also, we didn't really had dinner, just appetizer. Although i can vaguely recall stopping at one of the taquerias in Mission on our way back to BART station. I also recall going to the restroom a lot. But that's probably a good thing since I didn't have to pee on the street...

I also recall missing the last BART to the East Bay. 12:09 AM comes to mind. And I think that was the last train to the East Bay. We got to the station around 12:40 (I think). We had to call a friend to come back and pick us up. We ended up crashing at a friend's place in Fremont. He then dropped us off to BART on Sunday morning.

Anyways, it was a fun nite at the city, and I'm just glad we got home safe...



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